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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Guyana Rainforest Coffee

Rare Guyanese coffee now available to buy online


Rum and its gold are two things we associate with Guyana – but coffee? Guyanese coffee is so rare that few people even know about it within its country of origin.

It wasn’t always so. Two hundred years ago, British Guiana (as it was known back in the day) exported 22 million pounds of coffee and it was the largest exporter of coffee beans in South America.


Today the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, based on a very special variety of bean grown in the Guyanese rainforest. Thanks to Guyana Rainforest Coffee, coffee-lovers in the UK and worldwide can try it for themselves. The unique flavour seems to be delighting connoisseurs.

But does the brew match the review? Here’s how one individual described the taste of the coffee: “Guyana coffee has a hint of natural sweetness and touch of a fine red wine aftertaste that is perfectly entangled with a slight smoked cocoa flavour and a palate-pleasing hint of golden citrus and rich coconut that is superiorly smooth, rich and full-bodied, with absolutely no bitterness. You have never had a cup of coffee like this and it’s the best coffee I ever had.”


Do you agree? Why not try it yourself and let Soca News know? Find out more at Guyana Rainforest Coffee.

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