Boyzie is the 2019 Grenada Power Soca Monarch whilst Dash and V’GHN tie for the Groovy crown


The 2019 Grenada Soca Monarch competition concluded in the early hours of this morning, Saturday 10 August, the finals were held at Grenada’s National Stadium.

The results are:

Groovy results
1st. Dash (261 pts)
= V’GHN (261 pts)
3rd. Terra D Governor (259 pts)
4th. Luni Spark + Electrify (221 pts)
= Krave (221 pts)
6th. Valene (213 pts)
7th. Sheldon Douglas (208 pts)
8th. Papi Boy (206 pts)
9th Top Cat & Blazer (205 pts)
10th. Killa B (195 pts)
11th. Brother B (190 pts)

Power results
1st. Boyzie (263 pts)
2nd. Luni Spark & Electrify (260 pts)
3rd. Terra D Governor (259 pts)
4th. Wuss Wayz (253 pts)
5th. Lednek (250 pts)
6th. Runi J (242 pts)
7th. Dash (222 pts)
8th. V’GHN (216 pts)
9th. Lil Kerry (212 pts)
10th. Inspector (207 pts)
11th. Skull Dawg (189 pts)