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Saturday, August 8, 2020
Notting Hill Carnival Sunday 2018, ABIR Mas. Photograph: ABIR

Notting Hill Carnival Ltd 2018 mas band results


Here are the results of the Notting Hill Carnival Limited (NHCL) judging over the two days of Sunday 26 and Monday 27 August 2018. These results should not be confused with the Carnival Arts and Masquerade Foundation (CAMF) results.

The judges included Joan Achong, Dawn Hill, Sylvia Maharaj, Sarah McIntyre, Heidi Mirza, Nii Sackey, Zak Ové, Brigitte Stepputtis and Adela Ruth Tompsett.


Best Dutty Mas Band
(max 50 points)

1st. Abir (42.4 points)
2nd. Chocolate Nation (41.2 points)
3rd. Island Mas (39.6 points)

Best Decorated Truck
(max 20 points)

1st. Glorious Backstage Arts (17.8 points)
2nd. Soca Massive (16.75 points)
3rd. Mangrove Mas (15.75 points)

Best Children’s Costume Band
(max 100 points)

1st. Mahogany Carnival Band (91 points)
2nd. Heritage Social Arts (81 points)
3rd. Soca Massive (79 points)


Best Decorated Truck
(max 20 points)

1st. Paraiso School of Samba (17.5 points)
2nd. Bacchanalia (15 points)
3rd. D Riddim Tribe (15 points)

Best Adult Costume Band
(max 100 points)

1st. Mahogany Carnival Band (94.5 points)
2nd. Island Mas (85 points)
3rd. Tropical Isles (83.3 points)

Best Brazilian Band
(max 100 points)

1st. Paraíso School of Samba (92 points)
2nd. London School of Samba (89 points)
3rd. Baque de Axé (80 points)


Innovation (max 30 points)

Use of technology, form and structure; distinctive and unique use of materials; integration of elements, eg headpieces, backpacks, standards, body wear

Creativity (max 30 points)

Artistic integrity including use of colour, black and white; novel use of decorative materials; unified costumes eg shoes, hair, make-up/body paint – attention to detail

Performance (max 40 points)

Use of space and movement – a sense of drama; narrative, theme, visible design concept; energy, enjoyment and ability to display those; overall dramatic visual impact

Total: 100 points

Truck decoration (max 20 points)

Up to 20 points were available for the best decorated truck. Judges were asked to consider whether it was exciting and creative rather than just covered in commercial banners.