15 C
Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Island Brunch


New on the West London event scene, Island Brunch is the concept of Dale and Chad (definitely that way round, to stop me thinking ‘Chad ‘n’ Dale’ and chipmunks, which would be entirely undeserved by this entrepreneurial twosome). Amidst a recent wave of brunch offerings, this one stands out for its family vibe and crowd of young creative professionals, mostly from the western ends of London town.

The ticket price includes a happy hour of bottomless punch (I think no more need be said of that) and a two course meal, cooked by none other than Chad’s mum. I hope neither will mind my saying that I now envy Chad his childhood; suffice to say, the food was truly delicious. Hopefully it can remain that mouth-watering, as popularity inevitably grows and numbers increase.

Whilst Dale took care of front-of-house, Chad was spinning the tunes. Playing soca mixed with a little bashment, hip hop etc, he managed to please most of the people most of the time. There was a even a chance for guests to show off their musical prowess with a ‘name that tune in one’ session, followed a little later by karaoke, with lyrics projected onto the wall.

If you’re into party games, the limbo would undoubtedly have been the highlight. With a rope made from conjoined feather boas, soca tracks including limbo and other lowering lyrics (think Lil Rick and Zoelah), and caution (not to mention pride) thrown to the wind, quite a few of the guests had a go. And a few fell on their a**es – but seemed to have no less of a good time for it. In some ways, Island Brunch was like a family Christmas party, without the charades or the bitter arguments – or anyone having to pretend to feel overwhelmed by the spots on their new socks.

All the fun finished at 5pm. Or rather, that chunk of fun did – because, after a two hour gap (talk amongst yourselves) the after party started. A ticket for the earlier event includes after-party entry, but the latter may also be purchased separately. And the Island Brunch after party is actually going to run as a standalone not-after- Island Brunch -party (it’s possible they’ll improve on my snappy name) as well, in the fortnight in between the full shebang.

The later event was a good night out – although of course a shorter, Sunday-shaped one. Sadly less heavy on the soca, but happily still including some (after all, we have our priorities), Chad held court with his selections. Despite the hot night, there were plenty who chose the indoor music and vibe over the balmy breezes (and concrete pavements) of the outside world.

We look forward to Dale and Chad’s future events, so keep an eye on our listings.