Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 – Catch up with the bands


Saint Lucia Carnival has been under way for a few days now. A beautiful Queen and new Groovy, Power and Calypso Kings have been crowned. There is still a jam-packed calendar of activities leading up to the parade of the bands on Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July.

The ‘Mega J to Mega J’ jump-up promises to be a different experience this year. There will be a total of 11 carnival bands on the road. The jump up will begin at Mega J in Choc, Castries, then head down the John Compton Highway into the city of Castries and return to Mega J. In terms of preparations, the bands are hitting the home stretch, with most being sold out. Revellers are eager to step out in their vibrant and colourful wear. Females are offered different style options such as monokini, under-wire bras, one- or two-piece costumes and extravagant back pieces. There are also frontline and backline options.

Executive members of the various carnival bands have come together to dip for a number, which determines their order of appearance on the road.


So, let’s meet the bands.

Just 4 Fun: The Movement. The Vibe. The Mas. This is a veteran party band that’s been around for more than two decades. It is also one of the biggest bands and will be parading at position number 5. Six sections are open to both men and women and there’s one section that’s male-only.

Tribe of Twel: The (UN)known Universe. This band for the young and young at heart comprises eight sections and is at position number 4. Itprides itself on expressing creativity and gives its revellers the option of having the costume made as they please, so long as they keep within the theme of the portrayal.

Red Unlimited: Chaos – Cradle of the Gods. Coming in at number 6, the ‘Red Army’ is definitely no stranger to the road. This band caters primarily to women, as five sections are solely for females with just a single section for men.


Legends Carnival Band: Fuego. It’s known as a high-end, luxury band. There are only three sections, which are open to both men and women, with a variety of styles on offer. They will be hitting the road in position number 3.

XUVO Carnival: Infinity: Tribe|Modern|Meta. Parading in position number 7, it’s billed as the ultimate party band. Though fairly new to the road, XUVO has already made a name for itself. The band consists of nine sections – eight female and one male.

Island Tribe: Revenge 2.0. This band advertises itself as a ‘people’s band’ and says it’s all about inclusivity and affordability. At position number 8, you can expect to see five sections. Three of them are female, one male and the party section is open to both men and women.

Fuzion Mas: OYO. If there is one thing Fuzion delivers on the road, it’s a good time. They are at number 2 and revellers can’t wait to reconvene on the Fuzion ‘bumper wall’. The bandcomprises of seven sections, four of them female and three with male options.

* Insomiel Carnival Band: Position number 1.

* Phoenix Carnival Band: Position number 9.

* Cue Sports: Position number 10.

* Fantastic Revellers: Position number 11.

* We were unable to obtain further information on these bands.

Who will take home Band of the Year title? Look out for the Saint Lucia Carnival parade of the bands on 18 and 19 July.




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