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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Saint Lucia Carnival Groovy & Power Soca Monarch preliminary qualifiers


The preliminary round of the Saint Lucia Carnival Groovy & Power Soca Monarch competition,  will be held this coming Sunday 23 June at National Cultural Center, Castries,  from 3pm.

The following is a list of artist who has qualified.

Groovy Soca Monarch Prelims Qualifiers

Blaze Conquer
Crown Woman Run de Town
Danielle duBois Carnival Soul
Esteban OMG
Ezra D’Funmachine Man With Ride
Invader Cock Up
Keytinna Big Woman
Kisha Cool Out
Mantius Happay To Be Alive
Mata & Migos Mate Mad
Platinum George Dance Party
QPid Sugar Water
Ricky T Just A Friend
Sedale Sweetness
Sergie Alive
Shemmy J Pretty On Purpose
Top Cat Soca In She Yard
Umpa One Drop
Vye Twizeen Boyz Mix Up

Power Soca Monarch Prelims Qualifiers

Ambi Run Dem
Blaze Tek Wuk
Esteban Pace
Ezra D’Funmachine Touchdown
Islaman Feteland
J Buz Place Turn Up
J Mouse Mad Like A Zulu
Kakal Jump Over Them
Kisha Back View
Mac 11 Untruly Rave
Megabite Story
Manitus Fire Under My Feet
Mongstar Vacuum
Pablo Keisha
Sergie Blame de Whine
Soca Psyco L’ow It
Surbance & Mighty Yo Yo
Vye Twizeen Boys Move
Yung Vic & Multi Disruption