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Saint Lucia Celebrates 42 Years of Independence


Saint Lucia celebrates 42 years of independence under the theme, ‘A resilient nation. We can. We will’.

Announcing the launch of the anniversary celebration, the chair of the 2021 Independence Committee, Hon Jeannine Michele Giraudy-McIntyre, said: “This year, the resilience of our nation will be discussed and debated, highlighted and promoted in song, dance and visible display of patriotism. In strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocols, our independence anniversary celebrations must be held virtually.”

It was on 22 February 1979 that Saint Lucia gained full independence from Great Britain, under the leadership of Sir John Compton of the conservative United Workers Party (UWP).

The first settlers on the island, the French, named the country after Saint Lucia, a young martyr who lost her life in 304AD during the persecution of Christians by the Romans.

Citizens begin celebrations by wearing clothes representative of the national colours on the eve of independence, known as National Colours Day.

Among the anniversary activities announced by the independence committee for this year’s virtual celebrations are a Virtual Youth Town Hall, the second instalment of the Independence Song Competition, Independence TikTok Challenge, Independence Colours Day, Pli Bel Kaye Komesyal Competition and Diaspora Independence activities.

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