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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Honourable Allen Chastanet

Saint Lucia PM sets late July date for elections


Citizens of Saint Lucia will go to the polls on 26 July. The election was announced by the Prime Minister, Hon Allen Michael Chastanet on 5 July. Voters will elect all 17 members of the House of Assembly.

Chastanet is seeking a second term for his United Workers Party, which currently has 11 seats. He is promising a universal health insurance programme, a reduction in VAT and provision of electronic textbooks for students.

Making a dig at his opponents’ expense, Chastanet said: “While the Labour Party has been beating pans, we have been busy making plans and these plans are for your future, plans which are designed to help hard-working Saint Lucians and to develop our country by moving it forward.”

Chastanet ended by making a plea for tolerance and decency in the run-up to the elections, “During the campaign, let us treat each other with respect and kindness”


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