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Monday, July 4, 2022
Shal Marshall

Shal Marshall is Famous


Shal Marshall’s Famous, on the Vicey Riddim, is one of the biggest hits of the 2017 soca season. Crowds are absolutely loving the song’s vibe and lyrics. Over the years, fans have seen Shal Marshall transform before our very eyes. It’s been a decade since we were first introduced to him, but it was around about seven years ago that we really began to sit up and take notice.

Shal began his journey as a ‘hype man’ for one of the then popular sound systems, but his natural progression into soca is now a distant memory. He has a love for power songs, and music that allows women to express themselves. He has toured the world, and performed on many stages with some of the top artists in the soca business, but Shal lists his greatest influence to be GBM Nutron and Kenwyn Holder. They have worked together for a long time, and he credits many of his biggest hits to this collaboration.

According to him, working with GBM has made him braver, infusing more diversity into his music. Famous, which Shal has entered into the International Soca Monarch competition, is a song that is near and dear to him. This particular tune has come out of his personal struggle, and is his signature piece for 2017.

Other big contenders for the 2017 season are Dip, on the Force It Riddim, Please Don’t Leave Me and Middle. Working closely with GBM has challenged Shal to push his musical abilities and strengthen his own brand presence. As a brand, they have established a strong following – whilst also mentoring some of the younger ones in the business.

Shal says he’s excited about performing his songs this season, and seeing the crowd’s reaction to the music. He understands the fragility of the market because, as he says, one year they love you and the next year they forget you. Shal will be the first to tell you that in this industry you always have to give more of yourself, and make the music your own. He is totally focused on delivering the best music for 2017, and moving forward. For more information about Shal’s music, be sure to visit his website at www.shalmarshallmusic.com, where all the latest tracks may be found.