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Thursday, June 30, 2022
Shurwayne Winchester

Shurwayne Winchester: Carnival Please Stay Vol.1 EP”


Shurwayne Winchester has launched a new EP entitled Carnival Please Stay Vol.1 (Live). The Tobagonian artist, who has gained recognition as a versatile soca artist, is an entertainer who knows his craft well.

The 6-track EP was launched on 16 April via live stream, and includes songs such as Alequa, Don’t Stop and Carnival Please Stay. This is a veritable ode to carnivals, which have lost their public splendour and extravaganza due to Covid-19; Winchester beseeches carnivals, as one would a lover, to ‘please stay’. His love for Carnival resonates, with even the EP’s title bearing testament to his strength of feeling for these festivals that are so similar, yet so different, and the experiences that mark them all.

Winchester has earned accolades over the course of the last two decades which include the Soca Vocalist of the Year award in 2004, the COTT 2005 and 2006 Songwriter of the Year awards and the Road March and International Soca Monarch Power & Groovy titles in 2006. This live EP demonstrates the artist’s conscious effort to make music that depicts the dedication to his roots, his personal brand and his musical prowess.

Carnival Please Stay Vol.1 (Live) is available to be streamed or downloaded on all streaming platforms.

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