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The Soca Divettes

Soca Divettes


The Soca Divettes – otherwise simply The Divettes are a London-based trio of singers: Michelle Cross-Glasgow, Geraldine Reid and Carlene McLean. They have provided backup vocals for an impressive range of musicians in multiple genres individually and collaboratively, covering the whole spectrum of soul, reggae, soca and mainstream pop.

To give you an idea of their versatility, they have worked with Sparrow, David Rudder, Calypso Rose and Black Stalin in the soca corner, Aswad, John Holt, Carol Thompson and Dennis Bovell in the reggae domain, through to Incognito, Jazzie B and Soul II Soul in the soul section. They have added their sweet blend of vocals on recordings with musicians such as Joe Cocker, Alison Moyer and Loose Ends.

They have also recorded four singles in their own right: Soul Fire in 2011, Fete Tonight in 2012 and the popular and memorable Soca Jumbie in 2013. Their most recent release, a collaboration with One the Band in 2017, was the catchy Me Healer.


As well as being regulars on the UK carnival circuit and at reggae festivals nationwide, the Soca Divettes have worked at Carnival Village in west London for over a decade. They provide the backing vocals and more for the London Calypso Tent on the Tabernacle stage each year, which (in a non-pandemic year) sees calypsonians and soca artistes battling it out for the Groovy Soca and Calypso Monarch titles each Friday evening throughout August.

The Divettes are treating us to a special live performance for Black History Month at 20.20 (8.20pm) on Saturday 31 October 2020. You can access the show via their social media platforms: facebook.com/socadivettes or Instagram instagram.com/socadivettes Don’t be late!




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