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Friday, July 1, 2022
Alison Hinds

Soca Stars In Fashion: Inspired by Alison Hinds


Alison Hinds, the soca queen, is many things: a recording artist, activist, motivational speaker, actor, mother, and wife. This Caribbean Queen has been releasing back-to-back hits for the past 35 years, with songs such as Togetherness, King and Queen, Can’t Let My Love Go, Faluma, and West Indian.

From her work as a cultural ambassador to a singer, Alison has also inspired us with these modest fashion ideas.

Stunning in a Kente headwrap.

Alison with the golden hair look

Soca queen at the beach. Image largeup.com

Aliosn Hinds looking fierce in leopard print

Caribbean queen entertaining her fans in her golden jumpsuit

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