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Friday, January 21, 2022

Talented Girl Gengen Wins Vibes With Voicey Soca Star FINAL


On Trinidad Carnival, Thursday 11 February 2021, 40.6k soca fans from all over the world joined Voice The Artiste Instagram live broadcast for the Vibes With Voicey Soca Star Finals. Voice himself hosted the live show, created to support up-and-coming soca artists, with judges Nadia Batson, Blaze and Private Ryan.

With many great performances, the judges finally announced Talented Girl Gengen as the winner of the competition. The winner, also known as Genelle Bharat, is a young singer, songwriter, drummer and dancer.

Bharat later wrote, “Thank you all so much for this opportunity. I really do appreciate it. So many of us out here with excellent talent but because we are unknown nobody pays any attention to us, so I’m really grateful that you all set to push us forward. Thank you to everyone on the live who supported from start to finish.”

Providing entertainment for audiences as well as a platform for artists, one fan commented, “If you’re feeling down, come on this page. Happy vibes through!!!”

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