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Friday, August 14, 2020
Tears Mas, Mane 2019

Tears Mas presents for Notting Hill Carnival 2019 – Mane


Tears Mas has been on a long and exciting journey over the past nine years, since its inception in 2010. It’s become known as a band with unique style and great vibe, and has striven to provide masqueraders with a superior service from start to finish.

We often see the name Morris Roots alongside Tears. Who or what is Morris Roots?
Morris Roots is the natural hair/locs salon that sponsors Tears Mas.

You’re playing ‘Mane’ for carnival 2019. What was the inspiration for this theme, and who are the designers behind it?
The inspiration came from some fabric that Morris bought last year. Michelle Lucas came up with the name ‘Mane’. Tears worked with Michelle Lucas and Lana Richards – and Melissa Simon-Hartman, who has designed the Individual costumes for 2019.

What is the average price of a costume, and can anyone play with Tears?
The average price of a costume is £200 to £465; this hasn’t increased for a couple of years. Tears Mas is for all people, all races and cultures.

Tears Mas, Fun Mas option

Of course you pride yourself on a first class service, but we’ve heard of some issues in the past. How do you address these problems?
Like other bands, we try our best to ensure that everyone receives a good service – but it can be a challenge, especially when we also have a major concert on the Friday before carnival. We have a small window in which to build trucks and prepare for the gathering/press conference on the Thursday; the concert follows on the Friday, with an after party. It’s tough for a small team to execute such a large operation, and there can be an impact on the Carnival Army on Sunday, and on Monday as new masqueraders have flocked to the website to be part the Tears experience. What we try to accomplish is to gather everyone’s feedback and move forward, implementing ways to make everyone safe and have a great experience on the road for Notting Hill Carnival.

We are being a little cheeky here, but is Tears happy to offer our readers a discount if they purchase a carnival package from you?
Yes we’ll be happy to offer readers a discount if they purchase a carnival package. They just need to provide us with names and email addresses, which they should send to: tear321@outlook.com.