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Friday, August 14, 2020

The 2018 Barbados Soca Bashment competition


Twenty five performers are taking part in the semi-final of the Yello International Bashment Soca Monarch Competition, and it’s an online vote to decide who goes into the final – so you get to choose. The competition has now reached beyond the shores of Barbados, and includes entries from the likes of Dynamite from St. Vincent, Da Real Champ from St. Lucia and, from Guyana, Rubber Waist.

Vote for your favourite(s) to win at www.internationalbashmentsoca.com/contestants, and the most popular will appear in the final, scheduled to take place on Friday 6 July.

Here is the full list of semi-finalists:

  1. Big Red The DJ Pelt Back
  2. Cooper Dan Boom Boom
  3. DRC (Da Real Champ) Balance Pon It
  4. Dynamite Brave
  5. Enterprise Squad Issa Snack
  6. Freezy Badang
  7. Jagwa The Champ Face Down
  8. Jah Reddis Bamm Bamm
  9. Jus D Manager
  10. Kadiem Ben Ya Back
  11. Lil Rick Bend It
  12. Marzville Roughness
  13. Mole & Brucelee Almightee Aye
  14. Natahlee De Test
  15. Porgie & Murda Come Down
  16. Rhea Bounce
  17. Rubber Waist Jiggle It
  18. SK Despicable
  19. Scrilla Ooh Ooh
  20. Sita Hammer
  21. Stabby Tongue Out
  22. Stiffy No Boring Girls Allowed
  23. Timmy Get Dibby
  24. Unda Dawg Booty Bounce
  25. Verseewild Backway