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Trinidad 2017 Carnival in full swing


Now that the Christmas season is winding down, we can expect the full onslaught of soca music to hit the airwaves. As early as November, artists including Blaxx, Destra and Farmer Nappy were launching their first tracks to tease avid soca lovers. The newbies on the block have not been left behind; they’ve learnt from past experience that the early bird often catches the worm, and most radio stations are already dropping new songs from new artists, every day.

The 2016 season, though short, gave us some of the best music we’ve heard in a long time. From Nutron’s Scene to Voice’s 2016 Soca Monarch -winning Cheers to Life, the music was sweet, melodious and enticing. 2017 music is already proving to live up to its predecessors. With this year’s Trinidad Carnival set for February 27 and 28, soca lovers can only expect a long season of hit after hit flooding the airwaves and rocking each all inclusive or cooler party.

The season officially launched into full swing with the first cooler fete on 7 January 2017. There are 140 events on the calendar, scheduled to take place over 59 days; 70 of those in the week before carnival alone. There’s a lots of soca music to push out and, as expected, artists will be fully booked to cover most of these fetes.


Just to give you a sneek peak of some of the sweet music already released by some of our favourite artists:

Farmer Nappy & Destra – Technically

Blaxx – Rankin Ting

Uncle Ellis – I Doh Mind


Ricardo Drue – Iron

Lyrikal – Jammin Sake

Calypso Rose ft. Manu Chao (Kubiyashi Remix ft. Machel Montano) – Leave Me Alone

Linky First  – Rock And Come In

Nadia Batson – Replace

Iwer George – Take Ah Bathe

Ultimate Rejects – Full Extreme

Shal Marshall – Middle

GBM Nutron – Calypso

Kernal Roberts – Wine Out Yuh Rum

Voice – Far From Finished

Marvay – Know The Face

Orlando Octave – Single

Rupee – I’ll Be Okay

Kerry John – Drink King

Get familiar with the music by checking out our selection of 2017 releases, updated every day.

Are you ready for 2017?




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