Maximilian Davis. Photo Credit: @_maximiliandavis_

Trinidadian Designer, Maximilian Davis, Impresses Rihanna and Fashion Lovers in Milan


Trinidadian creative genius, Maximilian Davis, has been known as Rihanna’s favorite designer for over a year and he has just knocked the socks off sartorial guests at Milan Fashion Week, where he made his successful debut. Maximilian, who is proud of his Afro-Caribbean roots, is now the Creative Director of Salvatore Ferragamo. Many say his fashions stole the show from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who curated a new collection for Dolce & Gabbana. 

Taking Ferragamo on a New Journey
To reveal the direction he has chosen to take the Ferragamo brand, Davis showed off his designs against a vermilion background in the courtyard of a 17th-century Baroque palace. True to his roots, he married body-hugging elements like leggings and tank tops to oversized cutout bogs in polished leather and canvas interiors. Models wore loose-fitting, coffee-hued suits and overcoats, soft-flowing dresses in bright red and cream tones, hooded dresses, and sheer crystal jumpsuits. Two tailored pieces, meanwhile, added a touch of sparkle to his collection.

Inspired by Black Beauty
Maximilian Davis may be based in London, but he constantly pays homage to his Trinidadian heritage and the lively vibes of carnival. Through elegance, he aims to express, highlight, and celebrate black identity in a way that has never been done before. He complains that at school, only white history was taught. This made him uncomfortable, and he wishes to counter its effects by bringing black beauty to the fore. Since the commencement of his career, he has been keen to reveal the sensuality of the body through fitting garments and underwear worn as outerwear. Indeed, the idea of beautiful, comfortable underwear that doubles as outwear is one of the biggest trends of the season in the world of lingerie. Neutral and bold hues like dark violet and black are holding sway, as are true-to-life skin-like hues. This trend is currently being sported by celebrities such as Lizzo, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. Another big inspiration for Davis is the sea—the place “where you can go to reflect and feel at one’’ with a force that is greater than oneself.


Challenging Male Silhouettes
Davis is also keen to add playfulness and artistry to men’s designs. He dressed his models in unique outfits such as sheer ombre-dyed tops that are reminiscent of the joy of a beach sunset. He has also lent leather a playful edge, cutting this material into shorts that are matched by blazers in the same material. To view his designs on a real-life model, simply visit the Instagram pages of Maximilian Davis or A$AP Rocky. The latter frequently wears the label, which is a sure sign that his style is up to scratch with that of his famous girlfriend.

Trinidadian creative genius, Maximilian Davis, brought the house down in Milan recently. It was an exciting time for him to do so, and a Baroque palace was the perfect backdrop for his sensual, luxurious designs. From hooded dresses to loose-fitting suits that are reminiscent of the Sahara sand, his outfits were uploaded by fashionistas and critics alike. Everyone is keen to see the new horizons he paints for the classic brand that is Ferragamo.




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