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Thursday, June 30, 2022
Terri Lyons, 2020 Calypso Monarch

T&T Calypso Monarch on for 2021


The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) is currently in talks with online service providers to virtually stage the various Calypso Monarch competitions in 2021.

This was confirmed to Soca News by Lutalo ‘Brother Resistance’ Masiba during an interview.

He said there had been great feedback from Calypsonians, who already had contributions to release for whatever format that Carnival 2K21 is staged.

“People are putting out music. Our music is not dependent on the Carnival. We make music, our music has no season and we will find ways and means to get this out to the globe,” Masiba said.

He said the format of the event was still in the works and noted that they have no intentions of breaking any of the public health ordinances meant to prevent coronavirus (Covid-19) transmissions.

“The health of our calypso lovers and patrons is the most important thing in our program. We will find some way to maintain our Calypso tent tradition. We will also be show casting our junior calypso monarchs,” Masiba noted.

“We have to design our program to be as inclusive as possible because everybody has been under the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore, as an organisation, we have to be concerned about that and see how best we can put forward the most entertaining program and take care of the most widespread of our members.”

He was unable to say if the competition will be held along the same timeline as it is traditionally staged.