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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Viola Covers You Should Check Out


Where else could we go to watch and hear viola players aside from a concert? YouTube. It has been a platform for many musicians to showcase their talents and skills. If you love listening to the sound of violas, there’s a lot of viola covers with quality audio recording on YouTube that you can visit and listen to.

Check out these awesome Youtube vloggers and their fantastic viola covers:

Chandelier Viola Cover by Jeremy Green
This breakthrough song of Sia that had sold over 2 million copies in the United States has become the most viewed viola cover of Jeremy Green on Youtube. With 856K views and 25K likes, Green’s Chandelier cover received a lot of compliments on Youtube and was even noticed by Sia herself. Jeremy Green continues to amaze us with his awesome viola performances from today’s top hits, with his latest cover Yummy by Justin Bieber.  

All of Me Viola Cover by Daniel Morris
Filmed with beautiful scenery in the background, Morris’ All of Me viola cover brought a peaceful and relaxing vibe. And though it was posted in April of 2016, this video is still being visited by his audiences. Joined in 2012, Daniel Morris has established his name as a viola player and was even featured in the Dodge Superbowl Commercial in March 2020. 

Evermore Viola Cover by Tiffany
If you’re a fan of Disney movies, you will surely love this viola cover by Tiffany. Originally sung by Dan Stevens on the movie Beauty and the Beast, Tiffany gave justice to this underrated musical instrument with her Evermore cover. What’s even more amazing? In her Youtube channel Rainbowpig2, she makes viola covers from scratch by playing it by ear. Aside from the viola, she can also play the piano and violin, and attracted over 1.6 million viewers with their piano and violin cover of the 2016 Japanese animated film “Kimi No Nawa”.

Let it Go Viola Cover by Joanna
Who wouldn’t be familiar with this famous song from the 2013 Disney Film Frozen? Joanna of xclassicalcatx gave this song a new twist with her viola cover. It garnered almost a million views and 15K likes on Youtube. Joanna plays a lot of viola covers from anime soundtracks and even does cosplays while playing the viola. Aside from that, she is also a gamer who loves to play League of Legends, Smash, and Pokémon. 

Caprice No. 24 by Alisa Bender
While this viola player may not be as active on Youtube as others, Alisa Bender shows a bolder version of her Caprice No.24. This Niccolò Paganini famous composition was given a new twist with Alisa Bender’s viola cover played in D minor. Combined with artistic effects on her videos, this viola player and her love for this craft really rocks!

Fight Song by Pauline
Pauline of Ticaadilly shows her love and dedication as a violist as she plays not only solo parts but as well as the harmony of the songs she covers. Her rendition of the Fight Song by Rachel Platten will really motivate you to pursue your dream of being a great musician. With 60 videos uploaded on Youtube, Pauline has earned 13.2K subscribers with her inspiring viola covers. 

Discover New Songs with Soca Music
If you feel like listening to new songs, Soca releases music with distinctive songs that you can cover with your viola. Give these songs a new twist and let others experience the vibe of Caribbean music:

  • Rum and Soca by Destra Garcia
  • Showroom by Erphaan Alves
  • Feel the Love by DJ Private Ryan x Freetown Collective
  • Dear Promoter by Voice x Kes the Band
  • Feeling It by Swappi x Ultimate Rejects

The internet has opened an opportunity for people who aspire to be a musician – whether you want to start out as a session musician and make music as your career or you just wish to express yourself through singing, playing the guitar, viola, or violin. 

On the other hand, these platforms have also brought awareness to a large volume of audience. The viola, which seemed to be an underrated instrument in the strings family and is commonly mistaken to be the same as the violin, took a step up through these amazing artists that proved viola is an instrument that you should look forward to learning. With their passion for music, they make their spare time productive by posting entertaining videos both for themselves and for their audiences.