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Vivian Charlott Burkhardt

Vivian Charlott Burkhardt, Miss Grenada World 2017


Vivian Charlott Burkhardt was crowned Miss Grenada World 2007 on March 31st. She was chosen from 17 other beauties, and also won Miss Fitness and the People’s Choice Award. The prize included US$5,000 towards her wardrobe; a visit to Canada, where she undertook training; jewellery; various modelling contracts; journeys to Trinidad for fittings; a trip to China and, of course, the opportunity to represent Grenada at the Miss World Contest.

Vivian is a 21 year old medical student at St. George’s Medical School in Grenada. She currently has an Associate Degree in Natural Science, and is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Life Sciences. Her ambition is to become a surgeon. She says, “I am extremely interested in alternative medicine, and intend to pursue a career in that area as well.” Another great interest of hers is alternative energy sources, as she very concerned about the environment.

Her family is in the process of establishing a business called Grensol, involving solar power, and she has great ambitions for this business in the future. Vivian admires the beautiful lakes and the rainforest in Grenada, and loves all of her country’s natural beauty. Vivian is 5’8” and classically trained in singing. Her favourite current songs are Machel Montano’s Higher Than High and One More Time, and Balance by Baby Killa, and her favourite artists are Machel, Tallpree and Baby Killa.

She is a certified sailor and scuba diver, and also enjoys football, going to the gym, swimming, jogging and hiking, as well as singing and reading. Her mother, Valerie Daniel-Burkhardt, was born in Grenville, Grenada and trained in Germany as an opera singer. Her father, Dr Dirk Burkhardt, is a neurologist at St. George’s Medical School. Vivian speaks three languages, German and French as well her native English, and has travelled in Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

Vivian says, “Life is made up of a series of experiences, and the competition is a very rewarding one. I am also looking forward to interacting with all the people and participants involved in the competition, as well as improving myself as an individual. In case of being honoured to represent my country, I would do anything in my power to make the people of this beautiful paradise called Grenada proud. In addition to my interest in the environment,

I believe that as a young person and a medical student I am in a good position to help influence young people regarding some major health issues. One of these is HIV and AIDS awareness. The future of most countries lies with their young people, yet in countries like some in Africa, and even here in the Caribbean, young people are unaware of the risks that HIV and AIDS pose to their future. Whenever possible, I like to draw attention to these issues.”