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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Elimu Mas. Credit: Alex Coley

Yes, Mas Mus, and will, Play!


What with the absence of Notting Hill Carnival this year, just hearing the words ‘Mas Mus Play’ is enough to relight just the smallest of fires in the deepest souls of avid masqueraders right now.

The event, hosted by Carnival Village, was held on Sunday 1 August at the Tabernacle, Powis Square, and truly lived up to its name. In this writer’s eye it really marked the beginning of Carnival and a month that although void of that big event over the Bank Holiday is nevertheless filled with events and activities keeping the spirit of Carnival alive.

The event showcased adult mas, and followed on from the children’s event the previous week. I felt this was, in a sense, a live version of what was presented to us last year in NHC’s virtual stream, but I could be wrong.


Various mas bands showcased both past and upcoming costume designs, whilst panellists including Giselle Carter, Greta Mendez and Maria Joseph were given a platform to voice their opinions and provide constructive criticism on what they saw before them. Just some of the bands that took part were Utopia Mas, Flagz, Elimu, Jamaican Twist, Mardi Gras, Funatiks and Wassiville.

The MC was Sir Influential, with music provided by DJ Prince Vern.

There is feeling that this should become an annual event, as it provided the perfect kick-start package for those who are interested in mas and would like to know more as well as for your die-hard carnival addicts looking for the best costume and band to play with.

Overall, this was a wondrous event for both adults and children.


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