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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Fay-Ann Lyons: She is ready to Break The World


When you hear the name Fay-Ann Lyons anywhere in the Caribbean you can tell she is cherished. Women would love to have her ability to control her waistline and men cannot take their eyes off her. Her music makes any true Caribbean person want to drop and roll or carry their heavy-T bumper. Fay-Ann’s name is synonymous with both groovy and power soca.

She was born into a musical family, being the daughter of Lynette Steele and Austin Lyons, better known as Lady Gypsy and Superblue, respectively. Since she hit the headlines at the tender age of 21, she continues to leave a bigger mark each year. She is one of the few ladies in soca who not only carries the Trinidad and Tobago flag high, but also keeps soca accessible to everyone.

In this very male-dominated profession Fay-Ann has not just survived but flourished. She is married to one of the most sought-after artists, but has created her own legacy and continues to surprise her fans with her creativity. She is the first and only female soca artists to have won the Groovy Soca Monarch, Power Soca Monarch and the People’s Choice Award all in one year.

Now she is preparing to Break the World! This year sees the launch of her first full-length EP, which is available on Amazon, iTunes and Apple, and in VP stores. The album is a mix of typical Fay-Ann songs with that diverse mix of styles she has made her own. The album infuses all genres of music, from Afrobeat to zouk, while retaining soca at its core.

The title track, Break the World, is also the title of her tour. The Afrobeats come together succinctly in Block De Road, with guest vocals from Stonebwoy. Listening to her very popular Raze, who would not be moved by the Caribbean drum rhythms? She even mixes in electronic dance music and soca on Catch Me, and of course she must get her feet wet with a chutney-soca mix on Din Ta Da.

When asked why she feels she’s ready now to take her music on to a global stage, Fay-Ann replied that her catalogue of music gives her great traction to be recognised globally. She continues to sing the praises of VP Records for giving her artistic and creative control to pick her team and the songs for the album. She has collaborated with many other talents in the music industry including Richie Beretta, Stadic Sound Productions, Keron ‘Sheriff Mumbles’ Thomas, Dwain Antrobus, Kevin Marshall and Darien Bailey Fay-Ann and her team will tour extensively to promote the new album. But with such a hectic schedule how does this wife, mother and performing artist manage to keep on top of everything? She’s adamant it’s about working smarter rather than harder. It boils down to “eliminating about all the non-productive activities in her life and staying focused”.

That’s sound advice from a phenomenal artist.