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Viggy Da Artist

Its Endless for Anguillan soca artist Viggy Da Artist


Soca News received a request through Instagram and at the end of that request was Viggy Da Artists asking if we would share his video. Our modus operandi has always been about Spreading Our Culture Around. So a few questions were fired off and you can read the results below.    

Hey, you are new to us tell our readers who is Viggy Da Artist?
A twenty-three (23) year old who is energy packed, passionate and driven. I love the arts, especially telling my stories and sharing that joyous feeling through soca music. My career started with humble beginnings as I ventured from the calypso arena into the world of soca. During my junior calypso journey, I placed four out of five (4/5) times, with one of those times placing me in the winning seat.

I then ventured into the field of soca through a culture that is very evident in Anguilla, joining a soca band. I was in and out of bands for a period of eight (8) years until I then realized, there is so much more I can offer being a solo artist.


At that moment, a new version of “Viggy” arose, as it brought to life the possibility of this solo career. In the year of 2019, I premiered my first single “Insane” as a solo artist.

Currently, I have been featured on two (2) albums and have featured on five (5) songs, with two of those songs being independent singles. My goal is to continue to strive to write and create great music with the hope to make everyone feel the same calmness and joy that it does for me.

What Caribbean island do you represent and what is it about the island you love?
I rep 264!!! I am from the lovely Caribbean island of Anguilla. What is not to love about Anguilla?? My island offers a great blend of the best beaches, tropical atmosphere and great nightly entertainment. It’s tranquility wrapped in blue where you get the best of both worlds! Great entertainment, and tasty, delicious food. How can I not mention the friendliness of the people, where everywhere you turn there’s a smile with a warm welcome. Anguilla is truly paradise here on earth!

What year was your first foray into soca music, and how did it come about?
In 2010, I began my journey into the Soca world joining my first band “Xtacy TM” where I had the privilege to be featured on an album entitled “Against All Odds.” On this album I appeared on three (3) singles namely 40 years, Stupid, Give it up. My experience in this first band was short lived as it only lasted for one (1) year. This journey was a memorable and learning experience that helped to pave the road I now journey.


We have heard that you are about to release a new video Endless, can you tell us anything about it and when we can see it?
Endless is a song that depicts emancipation and freedom, a feeling that we all long, hoped and wished for. Through this song and the visuals presented, “endless” brings back the past memories of when we were once free. It allows us to escape from the feeling of being restricted, caged and bonded.

Endless helps us not only to reminisce and fantasize about being free, but helps us to understand that it’s important for us to live in the moment and appreciate life more. Endless is not just another emancipation song, but rather a subtle reminder of how we should live every day!!! With “ENDLESS” regrets.

Endless premiered on February 4th, 2021, and can be seen on YouTube. Make sure y’all go and check it out!!

Have you got any previous releases you can tell us about?
In the year 2019, I released a single called Insane which was my first and only track as a solo artist at the time. Insane is a song that I wrote in first person, expressing my concerns to “carnival” about the way it made me feel. I spoke to carnival in reference of being a woman and asked questions, pleaded and displayed that if “carnival” left and took all the soca and partying i was bound to go INSANE! Go check it out on YouTube!!

What’s the soca scene like in Anguilla?
Soca in Anguilla is very seasonal. You basically see a big wave of soca songs, artist and culture around carnival time which is usually celebrated between July to August. However, I am pleased to say that this tradition is gradually changing with a handful of artists doing the job to make soca way more than just a seasonal genre. With this movement we can not only make soca a huge genre in Anguilla, but make Anguilla a more talked about island around the world where our music would be widely recognized!

Has your career been greatly affected by COVID and how have you overcome this?
Personally, I would say no. COVID has created an opportunity for me to utilize the use of my social media platforms a lot more, to connect and network with people around the world. This is something I would not have been able to do on a daily basis. People’s lives have slowed down and this created an opportunity for upcoming artist to be seen and heard. It allowed me to grasp a wider audience and share my talent with them. I have been allowed the opportunities to sell myself, my island and get my name out there! I can certainly say I’ve been tapping into those resources for individual growth and development! 

Who are your musical influences?
I look up to artist such as KES and outside of soca Kevin Gates. I love the humbling factor each artist brings to the table. Not only do I admire the things they do in the music industry, but I view their characters as an example of how I should live inside and outside of the industry as well. Humble, driven and passionate!

What’s next for Viggy Da Artist?
My goal as an artist is to make good music, I am striving to not only be an influence through my melodies, but I want people to look up to VIGGY as a role model, an example as to how you should live and view the challenges that we may face.

I am simply trying to change people’s lives through music, the same way my first solo song inspired and changed me. Looking forward to changing the world, one song at a time!

Finally, how can fans connect with you on social media?
You can follow me on all social platforms Facebook, Instagram @ViggyDaArtist. All contact information is also provided through this medium. 

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