Sergie, Soca is in her DNA


Where does the name Sergie come from?
My Christian name is Sergia. My family and friends would always call me Sergie, and I felt it was a good stage name for me as an artiste.

So who is Sergie? Are you a soca artist or a Lucian first?
I was born and raised on this beautiful 238 square miles of paradise, so I am definitely a Lucian first, but soca is in my soul and being a soca artiste doesn’t fall far back.

What are your musical offerings for Saint Lucia Carnival 2019? Have they all been released, or are there more to come?
I had two releases in 2019. The first was a groovy on the Legacy Riddim called Alive. The second was my first attempt at a bashment soca called Blame De Whine. It was featured on the Jolly Roger Riddim.


Who are your musical influences?
I was influenced by Saint Lucian soca artistes QPid and Teddyson John but I also love Trini artistes Patrice and Fay-Ann Lyons as well as my 2019 favourite Nadia Batson whose 2019 So Long track is just amazing.

What year was your first foray into soca music, and how did it come about?
Music has always been a joy to me. In 2011, I became the first and only female winner of the Piton Soca Starz competition, and used that as the springboard to become a ‘professional’ artiste.

Will you be taking part in any carnival competitions this year?
My groovy and bashment soca were chosen for the preliminary round of competition, but unfortunately I wasn’t selected for either final.

Do you see yourself still making soca music in 5 years’ time?
The way I’m in love with my SOCA, I see myself making music ’til I’m old and grey like Patrice said…lol. Soca is in my DNA.


How can fans connect with you?
Fans can find me on Facebook @Sergie758Music and on Instagram @sergie25

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about
Thank you for the opportunity to connect with your readers, and see you all soon at Lucian Carnival – Nothing Sweeter than Dat!




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