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Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Undisputed Queen of Bacchanal


When you hear Destra talk about her music for 2017, you can simply hear the excitement and exuberance in her voice. The new year brings a brand new, redefined and improved version of Destra Garcia, who continues to make her mark in the soca world.

The self-professed bacchanal queen has partnered with Makmillion to produce some of the sweetest songs for the 2017 season, of which Destra vs. Lucy is the one getting the most airplay. Don’t expect to find her in any major competitions for the season, as she’s focusing on creating good music and sharing her versatility with her fans. This year, she’s hitting the fetes with her Pandemic Crew, made up of Makmillion, Swappi and Kerry John.

Destra has also launched ‘Festival of Bacchanal’, her own signature event for the 2017 Trinidad Carnival season. The show is scheduled for this Wednesday 22 February, and will be a star-studded demonstration of talent and entertainment, of course featuring the Pandemic Crew. Despite the response to previous shows being less enthusiastic than she had hoped, Destra feels that the renewed energy of her team and musical focus will make this show the best she has ever hosted as the Queen of Bacchanal.

Another big milestone for Destra in 2017 has been the opening of her brand new studio, ‘House of Bacchanal’, on Stone Street in Port of Spain. According to the singer, the move has been a long time in the making; she really wanted to create a space that felt more like home, where fellow artists could drop in and feel totally welcome. She is proud of her studio space, as well as the back yard where many limes have already unfolded with big pots of food to add to the revelry.

Alongside her biggest hit so far this year, Destra vs. Lucy, the artist has also had some other chart stoppers, which include a mix of groovy, afro beats and dancehall soca.