The traditional Crop Over festival used to be called, “Harvest Home” and it started on Barbados’ sugar cane plantations. The old-time Crop Over festivals were lighthearted events. They celebrated the end of the sugar harvest…and the end of the hard work involved with bringing in the sugar harvest! The first Crop Over Celebration happened way back in 1687. Today, the Crop Over tradition lives on. If you decide to attend, you’re in for a thrilling, authentic and unforgettable Caribbean experience.

The Festival Starts in May 2018

The Barbados Crop Over Festival is an exciting annual event and the festival kicks off on May 1st, 2018. When you decide to party it up at this year’s festival, you’ll be able to enjoy so much fun in the golden Caribbean sun. The festival runs all summer long and Phase 1 is called the Crop Over Mega Cavalcade. It goes from May 1st right to the end of May.  It’s being held in Christ Church Parish. When you make the scene, you’ll see be able to enjoy new and seasoned Soca music talent.

Christ Church is a Great Vacation Destination

This big community event is not-to-be-missed. The National Cultural Foundation has been organizing annual Crop Over fests since 1983. Also, Christ Church Parish is a superb vacation destination. When you choose Christ Church, you’ll be able to drink in the vibrant and timeless spirit of the festival and also enjoy the Parish’ other diverting attractions, including Enterprise Beach (also called Miami Beach), the Barbados Concorde Experience and a traditional Barbadian fish fry.

Look for Travel Deals Online

If you need to travel to get to the Crop Over festival and you’re on a shoestring budget, hunt for deals on flights and hotel. If you’ll need to borrow money to get to the festival, you should hunt for affordable credit. Shop around for low-interest rates and ethical loan terms and conditions. According to The Telegraph, Barbados is a budget-friendly travel destination, which offers “luxury for less”, so you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

This Harvest Festival Is Legendary

This colourful festival is so much fun. You’ll feel the island’s pulse as you enjoy the bands and dancers…and do a little dancing of your own. You’ll see revellers dressed in festival finery and you may be inspired to don some jewels and feathers yourself. If you want real Barbados spirit on your Caribbean getaway, head for Christ Church Parish in May. You’ll never forget the party experience.


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