Cloud 9

Year 2019


In this years portrayal we have taken inspiration from elements of roman antiquity, Paying close attention to rank and status in their society, which was of great importance to Ancient Romans.These similarities also lend themselves to rank and station within Traditional Sailor Mas. Such as captain and Sergeant Major etc.In depicting the splendour of Ancient Rome, a civilisation who throughout history were known for their inventions, fearsome armies and lavish festivals.


Fighting for their lives and or to be granted freedom by the powers of Rome, these fearsome warriors are dressed in black battle amour with gold embellishment.

Here the strength of the Roman army is displayed by infusing red and burgundy with winged motifs of the golden eagle.

Magnifying the wealth and prosperity of Rome, the are the roman elites of society. Dressed in Royal Purple Lilac and white their fine attire if also adorned with Gold leaves pearls and jewels.