How authentic is Notting Hill Carnival?


That’s the question Connor Roberts is hoping you’ll answer. Connor is a student at Manchester Metropolitan University and is researching Notting Hill Carnival for his third-year dissertation.

If you’re a participant, organiser or simply someone who has attended Notting Hill Carnival, he’d like to have your views on whether it remains ‘authentic’, ie true to its roots in the Caribbean community. How well do you know its history, how has it changed over the years, how do you feel when you go to the event and what three things sum up Notting Hill Carnival for you?

The survey need not take more than 5 minutes or so to complete, though it all depends how much you choose to write!

So give Connor the help he needs and tell him what you think about London’s spectacular, but always controversial, carnival. Access the survey at: uk/authenticity-of-notting- hill-carnival-4