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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Barbados Tourism appoints Roseanne Myers as chair


Roseanne Myers has been appointed chairman of the Board of Directors of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) and of the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA).

In response, Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator the Hon Lisa Cummins, stated: “Myers is an exceptional tourism professional who has successfully run Atlantis Submarines as a marquis attraction. She brings with her a history of leadership that includes stakeholders at every single level.“


The Minister added that she looked forward to building a collaborative approach in reshaping and revamping the tourism sector. The first challenge for both Myers and the minister will be to revamp the country’s tourism industry as the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Myers has 39 years of experience within the tourism industry and is currently general manager of Atlantis Submarines Barbados.


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