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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dalgety Tea makes Ghana its next stop


Guyanese-born Mark Dalgety chose to make tea instead of following a career in his chemical engineering, and founded what is now an award-winning company considered one of the most highly successful Caribbean-owned businesses in Europe.

Upon realising that people prefer natural tea over artificially flavoured varieties, Mark invested time and resources into researching how to bring healthier options to consumers. His Caribbean heritage gave him access to natural herbal tea recipes that quickly made the company a household name in the UK tea industry. Dalgety offers a range of herbal flavours from honey ginger, lemon ginger, turmeric, bitter lemon, soursop, etc.

Since 1993, Dalgety Herbal Tea has blossomed into a worldwide enterprise, with its products sold in China, Europe, the Caribbean and the UK, where its headquarters is based. And now, finally, Dalgety has made its way to the shores of Africa, making Ghana its first destination and promising to leave an indelible impression on the taste buds of the 1.5 billion individuals on that continent. They are clearly focused and determined to weather any challenge to their worldwide expansion.

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