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Dhirv 2 Funny….the All-round Entertainer


Saint Lucia’s Dhirv 2Funny gained notoriety with his comedy sketches on social media, but fans grew to love him as Dhirv the artist and entertainer with songs like Look at Yourself, Morning Wood and Girls & Money. This is Dhirv’s first time competing in the Power Soca Monarch competition final. We had the pleasure of speaking with the man himself.

AB: Who is Dhirv 2 Funny?
D2F: My full name is Dhirv Jn Baptiste and I am from the village of Canaries, Saint Lucia. I took entertainment as a career at the age of 18 years. I’ve always wanted to be in the field of entertainment from a very young age. I never saw myself working a normal 9-5 job or sitting down in an office. I wanted to be that guy who is ‘Out and about’, and traveling the world to entertain. I am known in my country for doing both comedy and music.  

AB: We were introduced to Dhirv 2 Funny the comedian, with all the comedy sketches, but what got you into music? 
D2F: It wasn’t my idea to become an artist. To be honest I never saw it coming. I have to give a big shout out to Hitty Lance who saw the potential in me and brought me into the music industry in 2018, where I released my first hit song, Put a Ring on It (Promise Ring).

AB: You’re competing with the song ‘Are you Dumb’. What was the inspiration behind the song ,and what are preparations like for the Power Soca Monarch competition?  
D2F: What can I say? Most of my songs are based on real life situations, and at the same time making it funny. I know for a fact that someone has gone through the situation I’m singing about, ‘Are you Dumb?’-  not to be disrespectful.  


AB: This is your first time competing. What are some of your expectations for yourself and your performance on the night?
D2F: I’ve been watching videos from past soca monarch competitions, and learning from the artists. I’ve actually read a lot about the competition and what it takes to win it. I expect to win the competition. My focus on the night is to be myself, execute my performance properly and just have fun.

AB: Coming off of a two-year carnival hiatus due to Covid-19, how do you think it affected your music, both negatively and positively?
D2F: As an artist in Saint Lucia, we make our money off live performances and streams on our music. Since Covid 19 came along I couldn’t have done live performances. So you know what that means – no live performances, no money! Covid 19 actually gave me the time to sit down and better my craft in music. I actually got my exposure during Covid 19 via social from both comedy and music.

AB: Saint Lucia Carnival is about to kick off. Is there anything else we can expect from Mr. 2 Funny for the season.
D2F: More music and a potential Road March.

Dhirv 2 funny is one of the nine finalists vying for the coveted Power Soca Monarch crown in this year’s final on Friday 8 July at Vigie Playing Field (The SAB).


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