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Saturday, September 18, 2021
Frances-Anne Solomon, Hero Screening

Hero – the extraordinary life and times of Ulric Cross, returns to the UK


Until now, Ulric Cross has been an unfamiliar name to most – but this is a man whose life story already sounds like a film. Hailing from Trinidad, Cross migrated to the UK to fly in the Second World War. He went on to work for the BBC, before becoming involved in the Pan-African movement as a lawyer for several African governments.

In making Hero, Frances-Anne Solomon, British/Canadian/Trinidadian film-maker and director of the Caribbean Tales film festival, fulfilled a dying wish made to her mother by a family friend. But after she’d begun to research the story, it’s clear that the project became a passion for her too; why else would someone spend nine years striving to bring one project to fruition?


Written, directed and produced by Solomon, Hero tells the story of the life and times of Ulric Cross, spanning three continents and three perspectives – first-person interview, historical footage and dramatic scenes – to form a work of seamless depth and significance. Solomon fulfilled a promise to first bring the work to its three homes, Trinidad, the UK and Ghana, as well as Canada where some scenes were also filmed. She’s currently taking the film on a world tour.

The film had a limited UK distribution back in June of this year but returns for Black History Month with several screenings throughout the UK. You can see a full list of screening dates and venues here Soca News Events.


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