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Island Food With Saint Lucian Vibes


A glance at the Instagram page of @islandfoodwithvibes will reveal a mouth-watering variety of Caribbean dishes to cater for any palate, it seemed appropriate for Soca News to discover the chef behind the tantalising food.

Private chef Kirjathfei Germain Dolor’s interest began in his childhood in Saint Lucia; he started catching and cooking crawfish from the Soufriere River at just eight years of age. Years later, his first kitchen job was as appetiser chef at the Anse Chastanet hotel in Saint Lucia, before he relocated to the UK in 2002 to study pastry and food preparation at Binfield College in Luton.

On completion of his studies, Kirjathfei’s moved to London and gained essential experience working at some renowned establishments including Orrery, Cumberland Hotel and Rhubarb Food Design. In 2013 he changed his focus to Caribbean cuisine, becoming Head Chef at Spiced Roots in Oxford. He says, “My mission is to give people a broader perspective of Caribbean cuisine. Most are similar, but have very subtle differences in cooking techniques – something I think most people miss.

Grilled Organic Salmon Steak with lemon and garlic prawns, avocado puree, fried breadfruit, courgette roll stuffed with mozzarella, carrot shaving and cumin, slow roasted and prawn bisque.
Colombo Lamb Curry – Stewed Black eye peas, fried breadfruit, fried green plantain, green banana and salt fish salad, avocado, pepper rice and pikliz.
Rasta Pasta – Fresh tagliatelle in a rich coconut creole sauce with jerk tempeh, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted ackee, cauliflower, bell peppers and miso glaze King oyster mushrooms.

“My ideal way to represent Caribbean cuisine would be to create the full Caribbean experience, with focus on the foods and culture of Caribbean islands in general, keeping the authenticity and identity of the respective nations, and to serve you the very best of the Caribbean.”

Stewed Fish – A celebration of Saint Lucian cukture and food with Island Slice Rum.

To see more of Dolor’s dishes or to make contact, look for @islandfoodwithvibes on Instagram.

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