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Friday, August 19, 2022

New organiser promises rebirth of Carnival in Bermuda


BHW Ltd has handed over management of Bermuda Carnival to the newly formed Bermuda Mas Band Association. The BMBA is organising this year’s festival, which runs from 17 to 20 June 2022.

BMBA is made up of three mas bands: Code Red, Nova Mas International and Party People Entertainment. In a press statement, BMBA said that the organisation is “aimed at breathing new life into our Carnival”. Founding member Keidric Smith said: “Carnival in Bermuda is a rebirth of Carnival-style festivities in Bermuda.”


BHW had managed Bermuda Carnival since 2015 and explained its pullout this year with the comment, “Life and circumstances can and do evolve.” It added: “Though we will miss diving and bubbling with you at Raft Up, your smiles as you wave to us on the truck during the parade, as well as being covered in paint next to you in J’Ouvert, the time has come for us to bring this all to an end.”

Events kick off with Evolve on Thursday 16 June, continue with Oasis (17 June), Swizzle and Euphoria (18 June), Wetta, Glow and Pure (19 June) and conclude on Monday 20 June with J’Ouvert A.M. (JAM) and Revel De Road.

You can stay updated about Bermuda Carnival via the new organiser’s website carnivalinbermuda.com.


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