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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Nadia Batson

No one was ever Shipwrecked like this


As a rule of thumb, never get shipwrecked. The roof leaks and the food isn’t always served hot. Something we were probably all (implicitly) taught on our mothers’ knees.

However, it appears there may be certain company with whom the experience might be slightly improved. Traversing time and space in a style envied by even Doctor Who and Captain Kirk (because the costumes are better), these guys seem to have one brief incident each year. They’ve been shipwrecked in Mexico, in outer space and the 70’s, in the Wild West, India and Arabia – in fact, a different destination every year since 2008. Some might call that careless.

But this year, the crew are working hard, making preparation for running aground in Ancient Greece next Saturday, 24 August. You might be wise to join them, and find out what it’s all about.

Shipwrecked is the all-inclusive fete for Notting Hill Carnival. With entertainment from live artists and DJ’s hailing from far and wide, themed and Caribbean cuisine, and a premium bar all night long, Robinson Crusoe’s dreams are far exceeded.

This year there will be a performance from Nadia Batson hailing all the way from Trinidad, DJ Bravo & Ariele Alexa and our very own Ms Desire, Greek food – of course – and ouzo, I hear you ask? That remains to be seen. But with all this, a superb indoor/outdoor venue, and vibes aplenty, it only remains for you to get your ticket and work out how you’ll be the one to win the prize for the best Ancient Greek costume.

You’ll never hear the word ‘Mayday’ again without a secret smile coming to your lips.

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