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Friday, August 19, 2022

Shakespeare’s Caribbean Dream


Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is given a rich, warm reworking via A Caribbean Dream by Shakirah Bourne, in her debut as sole director. Shakirah Bourne has re-imagined and infused Shakespeare with a Caribbean flavour that will appeal to diverse palates.

Set in Barbados during the annual Crop Over festival, this tender-hearted adaptation follows the classic line – although there’s enough of a curve to give it a fresh feel, with fun-loving fairies sneaking off to carnival even whilst commanding comedy and chaos to reign over wedding plans during full moon. A mix of Barbadian and British actors make up the cast of A Caribbean Dream, and Bourne’s direction generously gives the more mature lovers Hippolyta and Theseus a chance to convey the sweetness of seasoned romantic love.

Themes of fantasy, love, magic, multi-ethnic nuptials and native beliefs and legends are all explored in this adaptation. The director, who also wrote the script, has spoken of that process and of her increased appreciation for Shakespeare. She said, “Shakespeare did most of the work! While I’ve always loved Shakespeare’s plots and characters, as a teen I disliked reading his work. I hated the language. Working on A Caribbean Dream, I now have a greater appreciation of Shakespeare and the language.” The film was released in the UK on the 10 November, for more information, visit facebook.com/acaribbeandreamfilm.