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Terri Lyons, I am Lion


Terri Lyons is no novice when it comes to music, especially soca music; the daughter of Super Blue, both are in her blood. She started singing calypso at primary school, but branched out into soca at the tender age of 19. Terri remembers fondly her father’s heyday, when he was preparing for shows and performing on big stages around the world – that has been her biggest inspiration to this date.

The singer describes 2017 as the year of ‘Her Truth’ – a phrase she uses to describe the music she plans to share with her fans this year, where they will see a new side of her. I Am Lion, written by Nadia Batson and Terri Lyons is a powerful rendition, which takes us straight to Her Truth with a powerful hook line: ‘Terri Lyons’ roar’. Don’t Judge Me Now, written by Preedy and coming out of Studio X, is yet to be released to the public, and Recruit, with Skinny Fabulous but written by Terri, was released on 6 January. Terri explains that in this song she actually gets to sing, and really use her vocal chords – something she is very proud and excited to share with her fans.

At present, Terri still sings with Nadia Batson and SASS alongside her solo career, and she’s being booked to perform solo shows across the country. She is excited to see the year unfold, as she is expecting an abundant 12 months ahead. Whilst her biggest lesson in the industry has been her own strength and resilience, she credits much of her success on staying focused. She urges young people who are trying to break into the industry to not give up, and to look at different ways to come into the fold such as writing or producing, so they can first become known and then push themselves forward as a performer.


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