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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Nessa Preppy

The Art of Flex: Nessa Preppy on breaking the glass ceiling through her nonconformist music


German-born Trinidadian artist Nessa Preppy has taken tremendous strides in establishing herself as a soca artist over the past couple of years. Giving her fans an outside-the-box experience in eleven tracks that fuse together R&B, dancehall and soca tunes, her debut album, The Art of Flex released in February 2021, has proven to the world that the Nessa style of music is unconventional.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind her album’s title, Nessa noted that the album was named after an eponymous song that she made in 2017 with London Future, a Trinidadian producer. After putting in a great deal of work during the pandemic to make authentic, quality music, she has created content that is not only enjoyed by her fans but will cement her rapid growth as a soca artist.


Commenting on why it was not just an ordinary album for her, Nessa said, “I really want the album to be a benchmark for Nessa Preppy in the world’s eyes. One thing I did during the pandemic was a lot of research as to where my fanbase is and where my streams are coming from, and I realised they are coming from Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Europe. So I said, I can’t just give them one song and one song, we need to create music year-round,”.


It is without a doubt that Nessa is on the road to building a successful career as an artist, with a clear vision of where she’s headed and what she intends her legacy to be.

On Tuesday of this week, Nessa & Friends – Art of Flex: The Live Experience was live-streamed, if you missed it then take a look.

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