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Monday, May 23, 2022

Ting Nice Agen for Vincy Mas 2022


In a press conference held by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) today, it was revealed that plans are underway to have a full-blown Vincy Mas with amended Covid-19 protocols, after receiving a green light from the Ministry of Health to begin the promotions of the 2022 edition of Carnival.

The decision to open up the carnival was made based on the decreased rate of positive Covid-19 cases. Hence, if the number of positive cases rises, the carnival will be modified to take place in a controlled format as has been the case in the last two years.

The stakeholders are by the press conference inviting revellers from all over the world especially the diaspora, North America and the neighbouring Caribbean Islands to participate in a full-on carnival experience just like old times.

There will be the introduction of one or two junior shows in this year’s program lineup, Mardi Gras is moving back to Kingston, no beauty pageant due to time constraints, calypso tents and soca concerts are returning to their old venues, rural carnival organisers can secure space for mas, steel band and local soca artists in the vicinity as long as they can be included in the budget allocation.

The CDC is working closely with the Ministry of Health and the Covid-19 Taskforce to ensure carnival is enjoyed to the max without any restrictions, however, the protocols have not been completely scrapped from the table and all prospective revellers are advised to enjoy mas cautiously and follow all health protocols at every stage of the carnival.

This year’s carnival dubbed Ting Nice Agen will take place from Friday 24 June to Tuesday 5 July 2022 in Kingston and is open to the general public for the first time in two years.

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