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Jus D

Jus D


Antonio Patrick Johnson or, as he is more commonly known, ‘Jus D’, is a Barbadian singer, songwriter and producer. Beginning his musical career as writer and producer for soca artist Rupee, he later made the leap and began performing himself; Jus D’s 2020 Crop Over release, Touch, features on VP Records’ Soca Gold 2020.

We asked Jus D some questions about his collaboration with VP, and what else he’s been up to.

How did the Soca Gold 2020 link up come about?
I actually got a call from Edwin, who’s part of VP Records. I was on Soca Gold 2019, and he wanted something brand new and unreleased for 2020. I sent him two tracks, and Touch was the one they wanted.

Tell us a little more about that track; what’s it all about?
Touch is a mixture of classic soca and the modern style. My team and I wanted to create a nice, infectious blend that the original soca lovers would appreciate, as well as the new ones. It’s basically about a women who wants a man to touch her.

What does it mean to have your track on the Soca Gold 2020 album?
It’s a great achievement. Soca Gold has been around for a while, and with so many artists releasing music the fact that Touch is the lead single is a huge deal.


Do you make music to coincide with Crop Over? If so, do you intend to release any more music?
I actually make all types of music. I recently released an album called Other Side, which showcases a different side of me. I definitely release music for Cropover as well, as that’s tradition, but I do this for a living so it’s music all year round.

This year the world came to a standstill. How has it affected you, and what have you been doing during the lockdown?
I’ve had to cancel flights, shows, all sorts, I had to restructure and become more innovative. I’ve released music throughout this time, and tried to learn new stuff that would benefit me.

What’s next for Jus D?
Well, definitely more music first!! I’m also working on some new business ventures, and strengthening the relationship with VP.

You can stay connected with Jus D at any of the following:
Instagram | @iamjusd
Twitter | @iamjusd
Facebook | @iamjusdmusic


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