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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Cape Town Carnival

Cape Town Carnival 2022: Anticipate


The next instalment of Cape Town Carnival has been moved to summer 2022 because of Covid-19 restrictions.

South Africa’s popular Cape Town Carnival is normally held in March to celebrate the creativity and diversity of city and nation alike. It showcases South Africa’s distinctive culture in costumes, puppets and creative expression. More than 2,000 participants in over 40 high-spirited community performance groups are watched by around 50,000 spectators.


Like so many other events around the world, Cape Town Carnival has been forced to grapple with the new normal of the Covid-19 era, including social distancing, a possible lockdown, restricted crowd volumes and a total ban on public gatherings. Undaunted, the carnival has met these challenges head-on through progress and innovation.

The sixth element in its seven-part Cultural Creative Workshop Series was held on Saturday 20 March and celebrated women. Carnival CEO Jay Douwes said, “We’ve come far and I’d like us to honour all women today. I’m particularly grateful to the women around me, our Carnival women, who have been central to keeping this public organisation going despite the enormous odds.”


Brad Baard, Cape Town Carnival’s creative director, added: “There’s a unique essence and contribution to the fabric of humanity that is brought most strongly by women. It’s why women are the next wave of leaders and why women lead more NGOs and groups working for social change than men.”


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