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Saturday, July 2, 2022
Terri Lyons, a finalist in the National Calypso Monarch Competition. Photograph: Calypso Fiesta

Trinidad & Tobago – National Calypso Monarch Competition Winners


The National calypso Monarch competition is a yearly event that is held during the carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago. The competition is organised by The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO).

2021No Competition due to Covid-19
2020Terri LyonsObeah
Meghan My Dear
2019Ronaldo LondonMan’s Imagination
2018Helon FrancisChange
2017Chalkdust75 Can’t Go In 14
2016Devon SealeRespect God’s Voice
Spirit Of Carnival
2015Roderick “Chucky” GordonThe Rose
I Believe
2014Roderick “Chucky” GordonWey You Think
Wedding Of De Century
2013Eric “Pink Panther” TaylorTravel Woe
Crying In The Chapel
2012Duane O’ConnorThe Hunt Is On
Long Live Calypso
2011Karene AscheCareful What You Ask For
Uncle Jack
2010Kurt AllenToo Bright
2009ChalkdustMy Heart And I
2008Sugar AloesReflections
2007Cro-CroNobody Ain’t Go Know
2006LutaCheck The Foundation
Kaiso Kaiso
2005ChalkdustA When I Vexed, I Doh Rhythm
In Town Too Long
2004ChalkdustTrinidad In The Cemetery
Fish Mongrel
2003Singing SandraFor Whom The Bell Tolls
Ancient Rhythm
2002Sugar AloesContribution
2001Denyse PlummerHeroes
Nah Leaving
2000ShadowWhat’s Wrong With Me
Scratch Meh Back
1999Singing SandraVoices From The Ghetto
Song For Healing
1998Mystic ProwlerVision Of T&T In The Year 2000
Look Beneath The Surface
1997GypsyRhythm Of A People
Little Black Boy
1996Cro-CroAll Yuh Look For Dat
Deh Cyah Stop Social Commentary
1995Black StalinIn Time
Tribute To Sundar Popo
1994LutaGood Driving
Licensed Firearm
De Lamo31 Years Old
Trinity Is My Name
Kaiso In The Hospital
1992Mighty SparrowBoth Of Them
1991Black StalinBlack Man Feeling Party
Look On The Bright Side
1990Cro-CroPolitical Dictionary
1989ChalkdustChauffeur Wanted
Carnival Is The Answer
1988Cro-CroThree Bo-rats
Corruption In Common Entrance
1987Black StalinMr. Pan Maker
Burn Them
1986David RudderThe Hammer
Bahia Girl
1985Black StalinIsm Schism
Wait Dorothy Wait
1984PenguinWe Living In Jail
Sorf Man
1983Tobago CrusoeDon’t Cry Now
South Africa
1982ScrunterThe Will
Ah Lick E Thing
1981ChalkdustThings That Worry Me
I Can’t Make
1980Lord RelatorFood Prices
Take Ah Rest Mr. Prime Minister
1979Black StalinCaribbean Man (Caribbean Unity)
Play One
1978Calypso RoseI Thank Thee
Her Majesty
1977ChalkdustMy Way Of Protest
Shango Vision
1976ChalkdustNo Smut For Me
Ah Put On Meh Guns Again
1975Lord KitchenerTribute To Spree Simon
1974Mighty SparrowWe Pass That Stage
Miss Mary
1973Mighty SparrowSchool Days
Same Time, Same Place
1972Mighty SparrowDrunk And Disorderly
1971Mighty DukeMathematical Formula
Melvin & Yvonne
1970Mighty DukeBrotherhood Of Man
See Through
1969Mighty DukeOne Foot Visina
Black Is Beautiful
1968Mighty DukeWhat Is Calypso
Social Bacchanal
1967Mighty CypherLast Elections
If The Priest Could Play
1966Mighty TerrorPan Jamboree
Last Year’s Happiness
1965SniperPortrait Of Trinidad
More Production
1964Mighty BomberJoan & James
Bomber’s Dream
1963Mighty SparrowDan Is The Man In The Van
1962Mighty SparrowFederation
Sparrow Come Back Home
1961Mighty DouglaLazy Man
Split Me In Two
1960Mighty SparrowMae, Mae
Ten To One Is Murder
1959StrikerBan The Hoola Hoop
1958StrikerDon’t Blame The PNM
Can’t Find A Job To Suite Me
1957Lord PretenderQue Sera Sera
1956Mighty SparrowYankee’s Gone
1955Mighty SpoilerPick Sense Out Of Nonsense
1954Lord MelodySecond Spring
1953Mighty SpoilerBed Bug
1951Lord MelodyJonah And The Bake
1949Lord MelodyGlory Mama Glory
1948Mighty SpoilerRoyal Wedding
1947Atilla the HunMillion Dollar Jail
1946Atilla the HunDaily Mail Report
1941Mighty DestroyerAdolf Hitler
1940Roaring LionThe Rise And Fall Of The British Empire
1939Growling TigerTrade Union


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